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How to Create Custom Forms Using PresideCMS ( A ColdFusion CMS ) Form Builder

PresideCMS provides the feature to customize the forms, that are created using its form-builder by overriding the formbuilder related handlers & views. Also we can create multiple layouts for forms, that can be associated with the corresponding form by selecting the layout through widgets.

ColdFusion Compatible IsSafeHtml In Lucee Using Antisamy

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications. XSS enables attackers to inject client-side scripts into web pages viewed by other users. A cross-site scripting vulnerability may be used by attackers to bypass access controls such as the same-origin policy. - Ref : Wikipedia

How do you protect your code from Cross Site Scripting (XSS), when your business requirements state that the user must be able to input HTML? This can be a difficult problem to solve and XSS is very difficult to filter against because there are hundreds of attack vectors. One way is to use any one of the industry standard Java Library ( AntiSamy, JSOUP ..etc ) instead of wrote our own custom XSS filtering CFML code. We (at MitrahSoft) prefer to use AntiSamy because of it's flexibility, wide spread usage & support. AntiSamy uses a XML policy file that defines what HTML tags and attributes can be allowed in your application.

REST API Implementation Using FW1 ColdFusion

REST (REpresentational State Transfer), is an architectural style for providing standards for communicate between various computer applications (Web, Mobile, IoT..etc). REST API is the future and it is de facto standard in modern SPA (single page applications) applications. here it explains the implementation of REST API using FW1 framework. You might consumed various famous REST APIs (google maps API, PayPal API etc.,) in our applications. But building a RESTful web service, like other programming skills is part art.

In this blog post, we are going to learn, how to build a RESTful web service using FW/1 framework in Adobe ColdFusion or Lucee. FW1 is a ColdFusion lightweight MVC framework developed by Sean Corfield.

Video Compression Using FFmpeg On ColdFusion

Nobody want to store large video / audio files into their server hard disk or s3 buckets. So while uploading, they are all expecting to compress the video or audio files without losing originality, when we upload a video or an audio files in to their application. We do have functions & tag to manipulate image files in ColdFusion, but We don't have any ColdFusion build in option (tag / function) to manipulate audio / video files. You might heard of ffmpeg and it's wide usability. it is mostly in videos & audios sites such as YouTube/soundcloud or any other similar site. ffmpeg is very simple to learn. On ColdFusion, we can able to compress the video or audio files using FFmpeg utility. it is a free open source command line utility compatiable with all major operating systems (Windowns, Linunx & Mac). As We are going to demonstrate this process in Windows operating system, so we will be using FFmpeg .exe files. ColdFusion has the facility to run the executable ( .exe, .bin, .bat, .sh ) files using cfexecute tag. Other than, video compression, ffmpeg can be used to know the duration of the movie/audio in seconds to retrieving the bitrate of the movie/audio file. This can be very helpful when you are developing application that has to do with uploading videos because you can know a lot of information about it.

Introduction to PresideCMS Form Builder

If your blog / web site is missing out a customized forms (contact us, restaurant booking forms, car rental forms, newsletters subscribing forms..etc ), then you are missing out lot of opportunities every day. Just adding contact mail ID in your website will not solve this problem & but it will add more problem like getting spam mails from email harvesters. Form builder is an essential feature of a Content management system or blogging engine. But few of very famous open source projects such as wordpress don't have a form builder feature built-in. But PresideCMS provides an awesome drag and drop feature rich form builder module, that enables content administrators to build input forms to gather submissions from their site users.

Hope you know about PresideCMS (Great CFML open source by Pixl8) already. If not, Please check with PresideCMS Official site and PresideCMS Official documentation.Unlike other open source projects, PresideCMS have very good documentation & instant response on their official slack channel.