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Event Calendar Plugin For MuraCMS

We have recently created Event calendar plugin for MuraCMS, Please check out our demo video on the same.Admin Features:

  • Rapidly create ev...

HTML5 CSS3 MuraCMS Theme By MitrahSoft

MuraCMS is a powerful and flexible content management system developed by Blue River Interactive Group. It is open source and built using ColdFusion/Railo.We seam...

MuraCMS Razuna Plugin

Razuna plugin is an integration plugin created for MuraCMS (ColdFusion open source CMS) & Razuna (ColdFusion OSS document manag...

Enabling Third Level Menu In MuraCMS 6 Bootstrap Theme

MuraCMS is primarily built by developers, for developers, Mura has been designed to make your life easier and the time spent building websites as short as possible. It's an open source platform and it's goal is to offer a tool, that is easy-to-use and encourages maximum productivity.

It includes mobile support, search engine optimization, multi-language support, cross-platform flexibility, flexible licensing and scalability.